Tanja Mayer

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We discuss the pair production of charginos in collisions of polarized photons γγ → ˜ χ + i ˜ χ − i , (i = 1, 2) and the subsequent leptonic decay of the lighter charginõ χ + 1 → ˜ χ 0 1 e + νe including the complete spin correlations. Analytical formulae are given for the polarization and the spin-spin correlations of the charginos. Since the production is(More)
A method has been developed and tested to determine the body length of living daphnids. The purpose of the method was the simple, accurate, repeatable, quick, and to the living organism, harmless measurement of body length of all individuals in a population to enhance the capability of observing population development over time. Generally, organisms are(More)
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