Tanja M. Schuster

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Recombinant DNA derived tobacco mosaic virus (vulgare strain) coat protein (r-TMVP) was obtained by cloning and expression in Escherichia coli and was purified by column chromatography, self-assembly polymerization, and precipitation. SDS-PAGE, amino terminal sequencing, and immunoblotting with polyclonal antibodies raised against TMVP confirmed the(More)
The pH dependence of the resonance Raman and absorption spectra of human methemoglobin fluoride (HbIIIF) and sperm whale metmyoglobin fluoride (MbIIIF) has been examined. Both the Raman and absorption spectra of HbIIIF and MbIIIF indicate the existence at alkaline pH of an equilibrium between the hydroxide and fluoride complexes. The absorption maxima of(More)
Short-column sedimentation equilibrium methods have been applied for the first time to tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) protein (0.1 M ionic strength orthophosphate) at pH 6.5 and at pH 7.0 to estimate molecular weights. Previous sedimentation velocity experiments at pH 6.5, 20 degrees C have led to the conclusion that the major boundary with an S0(20),w value of(More)
The buckwheat family Polygonaceae is a diverse group of plants and is a good model for investigating biogeography, breeding systems, coevolution with symbionts such as ants and fungi, functional trait evolution, hybridization, invasiveness, morphological plasticity, pollen morphology and wood anatomy. The main goal of this study was to obtain age estimates(More)
The mechanism of assembly of tobacco mosaic virus has been investigated under conditions in which the rates of incorporation of the 4S and 20S proteins can each be directly measured by analytical centfrifugation. Under these conditions, pH 6.5, 6.5 degrees C, 0.10 M ionic strength potassium orthophosphate, the protein can be made to exist as a metastable(More)
Previous studies of the coat protein of tobacco mosaic virus (TMVP) have shown that TMVP presumably exists as linear stacks of two-ring cylindrical disks in the 0.7 M ionic strength buffer used for crystallizing the disks for X-ray diffraction studies [Raghavendra, K., Adams, M.L., & Schuster, T.M. (1985) Biochemistry 24, 3298-3304]. The spectroscopic and(More)
The use of the biophysical technique of analytical ultracentrifugation has recently undergone a resurgence. The commercial availability of the Beckman optima XL-A and XL-I analytical ultracentrifuges along with the continued growth in computing ability and analysis software has led to the expanded use of analytical ultracentrifugation and its capabilities.(More)
The hypersensitivity resistance response directed by the N' gene in Nicotiana sylvestris is elicited by the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) coat protein R46G, but not by the U1 wild-type TMV coat protein. In this study, the structural and hydrodynamic properties of R46G and wild-type coat proteins were compared for variations that may explain N' gene(More)