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Changing Biosynthetic Profiles by Expressing bldA in Streptomyces Strains
Recently we described an unusual way of activating a cryptic gene cluster when we explored the origin of the bald phenotype of Streptomyces calvus. Complementation of S. calvus with a correct copy ofExpand
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Functional Characterization of Different ORFs Including Luciferase‐Like Monooxygenase Genes from the Mensacarcin Gene Cluster
The biologically active compound mensacarcin is produced by Streptomyces bottropensis. The cosmid cos2 contains a large part of the mensacarcin biosynthesis gene cluster. Heterologous expression ofExpand
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Early Steps in the Biosynthetic Pathway of Rishirilide B
The biological active compound rishirilide B is produced by Streptomyces bottropensis. The cosmid cos4 contains the complete rishirilide B biosynthesis gene cluster. Its heterologous expression inExpand