Tanja Harbaum

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Due to their ease of integration and widespread adoption, General Purpose Processors (GPP) are presently used in a wide range of applications. However, the highly flexible nature of a GPP leads to overhead in terms of power, performance and area for a specific application. Another approach, proposed by this paper, is to use Application-Specific(More)
Modern high-energy physics experiments such as the Compact Muon Solenoid experiment at CERN produce an extraordinary amount of data every 25ns. To handle a data rate of more than 50Tbit/s a multi-level trigger system is required, which reduces the data rate. Due to the increased luminosity after the Phase-II-Upgrade of the LHC, the CMS tracking system has(More)
EduNet aims at providing an Internet-based education network. Besides the technical infrastructure (i.e., network, computer technology and the like), appropriate tools as well as advanced content are needed. The paper presents the Internet-based learning environment To/oL as well as a flexible collaboration tool – MACS that can be used for synchronous(More)
Routers are key building blocks in networks. They need to cope with high data rates in the range of multiple gigabit per second that are owing through them. Therefore, speciically performance critical functions should be implemented in dedicated hardware units in order to speed up the forwarding task. These units can be embedded within regular workstations(More)
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