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Biological sequences are composed of long strings of alphabetic letters rather than arrays of numerical values. Lack of a natural underlying metric for comparing such alphabetic data significantly inhibits sophisticated statistical analyses of sequences, modeling structural and functional aspects of proteins, and related problems. Herein, we use(More)
SUMMARY We provide the graphical tool BACCardI for the construction of virtual clone maps from standard assembler output files or BLAST based sequence comparisons. This new tool has been applied to numerous genome projects to solve various problems including (a) validation of whole genome shotgun assemblies, (b) support for contig ordering in the finishing(More)
In recent years, gene fusions have gained significant recognition as biomarkers. They can assist treatment decisions, are seldom found in normal tissue and are detectable through Next-generation sequencing (NGS) of the transcriptome (RNA-seq). To transform the data provided by the sequencer into robust gene fusion detection several analysis steps are(More)
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