Tanja Burnik Papler

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We report a case of ureteral injury with delayed hematuria after transvaginal oocyte retrieval. A 28-year-old infertile patient with a history of previous laparoscopic resection of endometriotic nodes of both sacrouterine ligaments presented with abdominal pain one day after oocyte retrieval. Four days after oocyte retrieval, she presented with massive(More)
Specific gene expression in oocytes and its surrounding cumulus (CC) and granulosa (GC) cells is needed for successful folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation. The aim of the present study was to compare genome-wide gene expression and biological functions of human GC and CC. Individual GC and CC were derived from 37 women undergoing IVF procedures. Gene(More)
BACKGROUND Sertoli - Leydig cell tumors (SLCTs) are sex-cord stromal tumors that account less than 0.5 % of primary ovarian neoplasms. They are mostly benign and occur in reproductive age women. Variants with heterologous mesenchymal elements are exceptionaly rare. The usual presentation of SLCTs is with signs of androgen excess as majority of them produce(More)
The development of an objective and accurate test that could help select embryos with the highest chance of achieving pregnancy in IVF procedures is an important goal of reproductive medicine. For this purpose, cumulus cell gene expression is being studied to find biomarkers of pregnancy. Several recent studies have proposed potential biomarkers of(More)
Since the introduction of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in clinical practice of infertility treatment, the indicators for high quality embryos were investigated. Cumulus cells (CC) have a specific gene expression profile according to the developmental potential of the oocyte they are surrounding, and therefore, specific gene expression could be used as a(More)
With the development of IVF procedures, the role of reproductive surgery in the management of infertile couples has been questioned. Pregnancy rates (PR) after IVF procedures are well known, but recent data on spontaneous PR after reproductive surgery are scarce. This study aimed to prospectively evaluate how often fertility is restored by reproductive(More)
In human IVF procedures objective and reliable biomarkers of oocyte and embryo quality are needed in order to increase the use of single embryo transfer (SET) and thus prevent multiple pregnancies. During folliculogenesis there is an intense bi-directional communication between oocyte and follicular cells. For this reason gene expression profile of(More)
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