Tanja Bratan

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate a national programme to develop and implement centrally stored electronic summaries of patients' medical records. DESIGN Mixed-method, multilevel case study. SETTING English National Health Service 2007-10. The summary care record (SCR) was introduced as part of the National Programme for Information Technology. This evaluation of(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the introduction of a centrally stored, shared electronic patient record (the summary care record (SCR)) in England and draw wider lessons about the implementation of large scale information technology projects in health care. DESIGN Multi-site, mixed method case study applying utilisation focused evaluation. SETTING Four early(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the policy making process, implementation by NHS organisations, and patients' and carers' experiences of efforts to introduce an internet accessible personal electronic health record (HealthSpace) in a public sector healthcare system. DESIGN Mixed method, multilevel case study. SETTING English National Health Service; the basic(More)
OBJECTIVE To document the views of patients and the public towards the summary care record (SCR, a centrally stored medical record drawn from the general practice record) and HealthSpace (a personal health organiser accessible through the internet from which people can view their SCR), with a particular focus on those with low health literacy, potentially(More)
BACKGROUND The introduction of electronic patient records that are accessible by multiple providers raises security issues and requires informed consent - or at the very least, an opportunity to opt out. Introduction of the Summary Care Record (SCR) (a centrally stored electronic summary of a patient's medical record) in pilot sites in the UK was associated(More)
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