Tanisha L. Meeuwsen

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BACKGROUND HER2/neu is an oncogene that facilitates neoplastic transformation due to its ability to transduce growth signals in a ligand-independent manner, is over-expressed in 20-30% of human breast cancers correlating with aggressive disease and has been successfully targeted with trastuzumab (Herceptin®). Because trastuzumab alone achieves only a 15-30%(More)
Immunophenotyping of peripheral blood by flow cytometry determines changes in the frequency and activation status of peripheral leukocytes during disease and treatment. It has the potential to predict therapeutic efficacy and identify novel therapeutic targets. Whole blood staining utilizes unmanipulated blood, which minimizes artifacts that can occur(More)
In the early 1980's it was demonstrated that density gradient isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells led to an unpredictable loss of lymphocyte populations and unacceptable levels of error for even routine CD4+ and CD8+ T cell enumeration. The error associated with this manipulation was further amplified by errors associated with cryopreservation.(More)
INTRODUCTION Cold exposure leads to a sympathetically mediated vasoconstrictor response that causes a virtual shutdown of peripheral blood flow. When the skin temperature (T sk) remains low for a period of 5-10 min the vasoconstriction may be interrupted by a phase of peripheral vasodilation that leads to an increase in local skin temperature (Lewis 1930,(More)
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