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Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Cocrystals and Pharmaceutical Cocrystals: Mechanochemistry vs Slow Evaporation from Solution
The reliability of solvent drop grinding (SDG), also referred to as liquid assisted grinding, wet cogrinding, or mechanochemistry, to facilitate cocrystal formation is addressed with a series ofExpand
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Hierarchy of Supramolecular Synthons: Persistent Carboxylic Acid···Pyridine Hydrogen Bonds in Cocrystals That also Contain a Hydroxyl Moiety
A Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) analysis was conducted in order to evaluate the hierarchy of supramolecular heterosynthons that involve two of the most relevant functional groups in the contextExpand
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Crystal engineering of pharmaceutical co-crystals from polymorphic active pharmaceutical ingredients.
The carboxylic acid-primary amide supramolecular heterosynthon is exploited for the generation of pharmaceutical co-crystals that contain two active pharmaceutical ingredients that are polymorphic inExpand
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18-Fold Interpenetration and Concomitant Polymorphism in the 2:3 Co-Crystal of Trimesic Acid and 1,2-Bis(4-pyridyl)ethane†
The 2:3 co-crystal of trimesic acid and 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethane (2) exhibits concomitant polymorphism. Form II of 2 is the expected hexagonal (6,3) network, whereas form I is a (10,3)-a network thatExpand
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A Comparison of Cocrystal Structure Solutions from Powder and Single Crystal Techniques
We demonstrate the effectiveness and accuracy of high resolution powder diffraction for determination of cocrystal structures through a double-blind study. Structures of 10 cocrystals of varyingExpand
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A comparison of co-crystal structure solutions through powder and single-crystal techniques
1 at the atomic coordinates. In this contribution, we will demonstrate the use of dispersion-corrected DFT to reproduce molecular crystal structures in silico with unparalleled accuracy [2]. When theExpand
Nouvelles formes pharmaceutiques, procedes de fabrication et modes d'utilisation
La presente invention concerne des sels cristallins, polymorphes, solvates et hydrates de bicalutamide, 5-fluorouracile, donepezil, anastrozole, nelfinavir, mirtazapine, lansoprazole et tamsulosine,Expand
Compositions pharmaceutiques de co-cristal et methodes d'utilisation associees
L'invention concerne des compositions pharmaceutiques comprenant un co-cristal de principe actif pharmaceutique et un generateur de co-cristal, ainsi que des methodes permettant de produire etExpand