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A Continuous Hand Gestures Recognition Technique for Human-Machine Interaction Using Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors
Recent advances in smart devices have sustained them as a better alternative for the design of human-machine interaction (HMI), because they are equipped with accelerometer sensor, gyroscope sensor,Expand
An Efficient Framework for Compressed Domain Watermarking in P Frames of High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)--Encoded Video
We propose a robust watermarking framework for HEVC-encoded video using informed detector. Expand
A robust watermarking framework for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) - Encoded video with blind extraction process
We propose a robust watermarking framework with a blind extraction process for HEVC encoded video, where a readable watermark is embedded invisibly in intra predicted blocks of the compressed video. Expand
Coverage and Connectivity in WSNs: A Survey, Research Issues and Challenges
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) consist of several battery powered sensor nodes. Expand
A Fast Cattle Recognition System using Smart devices
We propose a fast and cost-effective animal biometrics based cattle recognition system to quickly recognize and verify the false insurance claims of cattle using their primary muzzle point image pattern. Expand
MCRD: Motion coherent region detection in H.264 compressed video
A compressed domain technique has been proposed to detect motion coherent regions within a short video neighborhood. Expand
Secure Network Steganographic Scheme Exploiting TCP Sequence Numbers
This paper attempts to propose a novel network steganographic scheme which uses the length of the TCP segments to transfer secret information by adjusting the payload of TCP segments. Expand
Geographic Routing in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks Among Obstacles
An important issue of research in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is to dynamically organize the sensors into a wireless network and route the sensory data from sensors to a sink. Expand
Challenges and solutions in Software Defined Networking: A survey
We present a comprehensive survey on the various issues, challenges, and solutions in the designing, implementation, performance, and verification of SDN. Expand