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The measurement of relative compositionality of bigrams is crucial to identify Multi-word Expressions (MWEs) in Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks. The article presents the experiments carried out as part of the participation in the shared task ‘Distributional Semantics and Compositionality (DiSCo)’ organized as part of the DiSCo workshop in ACLHLT(More)
This paper reports about our work in the NEWS 2010 Shared Task on Transliteration Generation held as part of ACL 2010. One standard run and two non-standard runs were submitted for English to Hindi and Bengali transliteration while one standard and one nonstandard run were submitted for Kannada and Tamil. The transliteration systems are based on(More)
The rapid expansion of blog and electronic data in Web 2.0 is abounding and thus it is becoming important to identify the author‟s profile also. The problems of automatic identification of author‟s gender and age based on linguistic and stylistic pattern have been a subject of increasingly research interest in the recent years. The research methodologies(More)
This paper presents the experiments carried out at Jadavpur University as part of the participation in the GREC Named Entity Generation Challenge 2010. The Baseline system is based on the SEMCAT, SYNCAT and SYNFUNC features of REF and REG08-TYPE and CASE features of REFEX elements. The discourse level system is based on the additional positional features:(More)
This paper presents our system report on our participation in the shared task on “Detecting Paraphrases in Indian Languages (DPIL)” organized in the “Forum for Information Retrieval Evaluation (FIRE)”2016, in both the tasks (Task1 and Task2) defined in this shared task in four Indian languages (Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Punjabi). We made use of different(More)
In this paper an attempt has been made to predict the gaze fixation duration at source text words using supervised learning method, namely Support Vector Machine. The machine learning models used in the present work make use of lexical, syntactic and semantic information for predicting the gaze fixation duration. Different features are extracted from the(More)
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