Tania Yarndley

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CONTEXT Biotin (vitamin B7) is an essential co-factor for four carboxylases involved in fatty acid metabolism, leucine degradation, and gluconeogenesis. The recommended daily intake (RDI) of biotin is approximately 30 μg per day. Low-moderate dose biotin is a common component of multivitamin preparations, and high-dose biotin (10 000 times RDI) has been(More)
AIM Clinical diagnosis of central hypothyroidism is not always obvious: patients may live for years with symptoms. Endocrinologists and biochemists have suggested that a first-line TSH strategy will lead to avoidable delays in diagnosis and treatment of patients with central hypothyroidism. In order to improve timely diagnosis, and thus decrease morbidity(More)
INTRODUCTION Testosterone undecanoate depot (TUD) administered intramuscularly is an effective form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for male hypogonadism. Because of the ease of administration, TUD therapy may be preferable to subcutaneously implanted extended release T pellet implants (TI). AIM The primary objective was to retrospectively(More)
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