Tania T Kitova

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Five Bedouin sibs are described with Meckel-Gruber syndrome (MGS), an autosomal recessive disorder with multiple abnormalities. Each affected sib manifested only two of the three cardinal signs of MGS: occipital encephalocele and polycystic kidneys, lacking polydactyly. The phenotypic variability of the MGS pleiotropic gene is briefly discussed.
UNLABELLED Ectopia cordis is a rare and impressive malformation presenting as an isolated lesion or as part of the Cantrell's pentology syndrom. It is defined as an anomaly in which the fetal heart lies outside the thoracic cavity. THE AIM of the study is to report the prenatal diagnostic features and management of ectopia cordis. CASE REPORT We report a(More)
We report a case of 56-year-old patient suffering from myxopapillary ependymoma of filum terminale at the level of the fifth lumbar vertebra. The patient presented with progressive complaints of permanent pain in the anal and sacral region with duration of 8 months. When sneezing or attempting to do brisk movements, the pain irradiated to the posterior(More)
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