Tania Moreno

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INTRODUCTION HTLV-I associated myelopathy is characterised by a clinical picture of slowly progressive spastic paraparesis that generally presents when the patient is at an age somewhere between his or her thirties and sixties; few cases have been reported involving children. It is a pathology that is prevalent in tropical regions that are endemic for(More)
Purpose HIV-infected patients treated for syphilis may be at increased risk for serological failure and serofast state. Our aim was to analyse serological response to treatment in HIV-infected patients diagnosed with syphilis, and factors associated with serological cure and serofast state. Methods Open-label, no controlled study of a series of HIV-patients(More)
Invasive candidiasis (IC) is a frequent and life-threatening infection in critically ill patients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the epidemiology of IC and the antifungal susceptibility of etiological agents in patients admitted to our surgical intensive care unit (SICU) in Spain. We designed a prospective, observational, single center,(More)
In this work we study the diameters reduction rate for the iterative application of the longest edge (LE) n-section of triangles for n P 4. The maximum diameter d n k of all triangles generated at the kth iteration of the LE n-section is closely connected with the properties of the triangular mesh generated by this refinement scheme. The upper and the lower(More)
—Let t be a triangle in R 2. We find the Longest Edge (LE) of t, insert n − 1 equally-space points in the LE and connect them to the opposite vertex. This yields the generation of n new sub-triangles whose parent is t. Now, continue this process iteratively. Proficient algorithms for mesh refinement using this method are known when n = 2, but less known(More)
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