Tania Michelle Roberts

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A genetic interaction network containing approximately 1000 genes and approximately 4000 interactions was mapped by crossing mutations in 132 different query genes into a set of approximately 4700 viable gene yeast deletion mutants and scoring the double mutant progeny for fitness defects. Network connectivity was predictive of function because interactions(More)
Recent findings suggest important roles for nuclear organization in gene expression. In contrast, little is known about how nuclear organization contributes to genome stability. Epistasis analysis (E-MAP) using DNA repair factors in yeast indicated a functional relationship between a nuclear pore subcomplex and Slx5/Slx8, a small ubiquitin-like modifier(More)
Patch clamp recordings of whole-cell and single channel currents revealed the presence of two voltage-sensitive calcium channel types in the membrane of 3T3 fibroblasts. The two calcium channel types were identified by their unitary properties and pharmacological sensitivities. Both calcium channel types were present in all control 3T3 cells, but one type(More)
Green fluorescent proteins (GFPs) are invaluable tools for modern cell biology. Even though many properties of GFP have been successfully engineered, a GFP retaining brightness at low pH has not emerged. This limits the use of GFP in quantitative studies performed in fluctuating or acidic conditions. We report the engineering and characterisation of tandem(More)
Chiral resolutions of racemic mixtures are limited to a theoretical yield of 50 %. This yield can be doubled by integration of a step-wise or continuous racemization of the non-desired enantiomer. Many of the different routes along which the racemization step can be conducted require harsh treatments and are therefore often incompatible with the highly(More)
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