Tania Markovic

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Rats with lesions of the pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus (PPTg) reliably overconsume high concentration sucrose solution. This effect is thought to be indicative of response-perseveration or loss of behavioral control in conditions of high excitement. While these theories have anatomical and behavioral support, they have never been explicitly tested.(More)
Although the peptide urotensin II (UII) has well studied direct actions on the cardiovascular system, the UII receptor (UIIR) is expressed by neurons of the hindbrain. Specifically, the UIIR is expressed by the cholinergic neurons of the laterodorsal tegmentum (LDTg) and the pedunculopontine tegmentum (PPTg). These neurons send axons to the ventral(More)
(2016). Effects of a low-glycemic index diet during pregnancy on offspring growth, body composition, and vascular health: A pilot randomized controlled trial. (2015). Do ketogenic diets really suppress appetite? A systematic review and meta-analysis. (2015). Effect of a low glycaemic index diet in gestational diabetes mellitus on post-natal outcomes after 3(More)
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