Tania Landriscina

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PURPOSE The main aim of this study was to examine prospectively the relationship between antidepressant prescriptions (ADP), as a proxy of depressive symptoms, and work-related stress, measured according to the demand-control model. METHODS A cohort of 2,046 union workers who participated in a survey on working conditions and health in 1999-2000 was(More)
BACKGROUND Widespread literature on inequity in healthcare access and utilization has been published, but research on socioeconomic differences in waiting times is sparse and the evidence is fragmentary and controversial. The objective of the present study is the analysis of the relationship between individual socioeconomic level and waiting times for(More)
BACKGROUND Reducing inequities is a main goal of the Italian healthcare system. We evaluated socioeconomic differences in delayed surgery and postoperative mortality after a hip replacement after a fracture in Piedmont Region (Italy). METHODS Cohort study including all people aged ≥65 years hospitalized for a hip fracture in 2007-2010 (n = 21,432). Study(More)
BACKGROUND Geographic and socioeconomic barriers may hinder fair access to healthcare. This study assesses geographic and socioeconomic disparities in access to reperfusion procedures in acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients residing in Piedmont (Italy). METHODS Coronary Care Units (CCUs) were geocoded with a geographic information system (GIS) and(More)
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