Tania Lamba

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Cyclodialysis cleft is a rare clinical finding and therefore, reports on surgical repair techniques in the literature are limited. Additionally, hypotony can make repair technically challenging. We share a novel, simple surgical approach to management of a case of chronic traumatic cyclodialysis cleft with a successful outcome.
IMPORTANCE Previous research has shown several limitations associated with the use of marijuana as a treatment for glaucoma. However, little is known regarding patients' perceptions toward using marijuana for glaucoma and their intentions to use this therapeutic alternative. OBJECTIVE To identify factors among patients with glaucoma that could lead to(More)
Plateau iris syndrome has been described as persistent angle narrowing or occlusion with intraocular pressure elevation after peripheral iridotomy due to the abnormal plateau iris configuration. Argon laser peripheral iridoplasty (ALPI) is an effective adjunct procedure to treat plateau iris syndrome. Classic theory suggests that the laser causes the(More)
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