Tania Gonçalves

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In recent works [Gonçalves and Mansfield, Stud. the authors considered various Lagrangians, which are invariant under a Lie group action, in the case where the independent variables are themselves invariant. Using a moving frame for the Lie group action, they showed how to obtain the invariantized Euler–Lagrange equations and the space of conservation laws(More)
Aim. The aim of this comprehensive literature review was to address the question: Does photodynamic therapy (PDT) improve root canal disinfection through significant bacterial reduction in the root canal system? Methodology. A comprehensive narrative literature review was performed to compare PDT effect with sodium hypochlorite as the comparative classical(More)
CD8(+) T cell anergy is a critical mechanism of peripheral tolerance, poorly investigated in response to immunotherapy. Here, using a pancreatic islet allograft model and CD3 antibody therapy, we showed, by single cell gene profiling, that intragraft CD8(+) lymphocytes coexpressing granzyme B and perforin were selectively depleted through the Fas/FasL(More)
The endophytic bacterium Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus produces exopolysaccharides (EPS) that are required for biofilm formation and colonization of rice seedlings. Here we investigated whether EPS produced by the G. diazotrophicus strain Pal5 protects the bacteria against free radicals. EPS-mediated protection of Pal5 cells against oxidative damage was(More)
A renvoyer à l'Ecole Doctorale par voie électronique au plus tard le 03 avril 2015 ed419.biosigne@u-psud.fr Cet appel constitue la 1 ère phase obligatoire avant toute candidature éventuelle au concours de l'ED (2 ème phase juin 2015) – Concours ED : 02 et 03 juillet 2015 This call is the first mandatory step before applying to participate in the competitive(More)
Therapeutic tolerance to self-antigens or foreign antigens is thought to depend on constant vigilance by Foxp3+ regulatory T cells (Tregs). Previous work using a pancreatic islet allograft model and a short pulse of CD3 antibody therapy has shown that CD8+ T cells become anergic and use TGFβ and coinhibitory signaling as their contribution to the tolerance(More)
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