Tangirul Islam

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In sexual species, gametes have to find and recognize one another. Signaling is thus central to sexual reproduction and involves a rapidly evolving interplay of shared and divergent interests [1-4]. Among Caenorhabditis nematodes, three species have evolved self-fertilization, changing the balance of intersexual relations [5]. Males in these androdioecious(More)
The 11B NMR spectra of p-carboxybenzeneboronic acid (PCBA) ions demonstrated that their chemical shifts depend on the pH. At a lower pH, PCBA exists as a mixture of neutral PCBA and the monoanion with a trigonal structure, and at higher pH as the dianion with a tetrahedral structure. In the intermediate pH region, both the mono- and dianion coexist. The pKa(More)
The synthesis of boron compounds applicable to cancer treatment by 10B neutron capture therapy (10BNCT) has become an urgent goal in light of a resurgence of interest in this field.1,2 A vast array of 10B-enriched compounds has been synthesized and tested for 10BNCT.3 We have tried to synthesize pcarboxybenzene boronic acid derivatives from p-toluene(More)
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