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With the degeneration of environment and acceleration of urbanization, human environment has attracted great attention worldwide. This paper sets up the Human Settlements Environment Index (HEI) model and evaluates the natural environment suitability for Human Settlements in China based on GIS technology. The results show that the HEI of China decreases(More)
The survey of seed dispersal ofRhodiola sachalinensis was carried out in Changbai Mountain in 1997. It was discovered that the dispersal of seed is not equal in all directions, but concentrates in the East and North to the cluster.Rh. sachalinensis seeds for germination test were collected from Changbai Mountains area (Antu County, Jilin Province) and(More)
The connection between telecommunications networks and internet has been the reality for the development of information technology. With the advancement of CTI and Internet technology, call center model keeps improving and enlarging its application field. Take Ziya Industrial Park of circular economy as the example, this paper designs a management(More)
The algorithm is presented, which is an extension of the Common Spatial Patterns(CSP) to multi-class case, in order to implement a suitable Brain-Computer Interface(BCI) system. An extension of the CSP algorithm to multiclass paradigms is introduced with an elaborate description. We use computer simulation to prove the algorithm right. After a short(More)
Feature selection is a hot topic in current search field, especially in the field of text categorization. To overcome the shortcomings of traditional 2 χ (CHI) approach, an improved 2 χ (CHI) statistics method is proposed in this paper. It comprehensively takes criterions such as Document Frequency and Class Accuracy of the traditional statistical methods(More)
Aimed at the shortage of requiring a large amount of memory and time in structure dynamic calculation, a method of optimizing seismic analysis was proposed, which based on reducing data points and increasing sample interval. The paper takes a three-story frame structure for example, applying Mode Analysis Method for testing and verifying the effects. The(More)
According to the characteristics of the structure and the force of large rectangle aqueduct with longitudinal beams, the author puts forward the practical space method that is more simple and convenient for designing steel bar, and the accuracy of calculation results can also meet the engineering design requirement. Through force analysis of one large(More)
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This paper builds upon existing management control theory under the contingency theory perspective discussing the relationship between MCS and strategic human capital, then use structural equation modeling (SEM) to show the relation. To advance theory, the paper also draws from the entrepreneurship and life cycle literatures. It presents MCS should be(More)
Radiological images are increasingly being used in healthcare and medical research. There is, consequently, widespread interest in accurately relating information in the different images for diagnosis, treatment and basic science. The objective of registration process is to obtain a spatial transformation of a floating image to a reference image by which a(More)
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