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AIM The responsiveness of target cells to glucocorticoids is directly related to the number and the functional state of intracellular glucocorticoid receptors (GR), which mediated the role of glucocorticoids. Although the effects of acute training on GR have been well characterized, less is known about the effects of chronic training on GR. The purpose of(More)
As efforts grow to develop spatio-temporal database systems and temporal geographic information systems that are capable of conveying how geographic phenomena change, it is urgent to analyze the impetus and mechanism that the spatio-temporal process happed. The authors proposed a set of universal change patterns for modelling of spatio-temporal processes,(More)
Under the background of 'Digital China' geo-spatial framework construction(DCGSF), the paper elaborates on the fundamental data system, data clearinghouse and web service system, law/policy/standard system and organization system. National geodetic datum plays an important role in keeping geo-spatial information onto a unified base, while national(More)
The 3D terrain visualization of coastal zone is based on the seamless integration of geospatial data from water to land. Because of the differences in surveying methods and application areas, the land elevation data and the water-depth data are different in spatial reference, data accuracy and data type. This paper presents a methodology to integrate(More)
This paper presents a system that visualizes the spatial, temporal, and semantic dimensions of online news events. The system pulls news from some well-known websites such as Baidu, Sina and Google News based on RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This paper gives a Chinese lexical spatial semantics analysis model to extract Chinese geographical names from(More)
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