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Although K-means clustering algorithm is simple and popular, it has a fundamental drawback of falling into local optima that depend on the randomly generated initial centroid values. Optimization algorithms are well known for their ability to guide iterative computation in searching for global optima. They also speed up the clustering process by achieving(More)
In computer science, a computational challenge exists in finding a globally optimized solution from a tremendously large search space. Heuristic optimization methods have therefore been created that can search the very large spaces of candidate solutions. These methods have been extensively studied in the past, and progressively extended in order to suit a(More)
Clustering algorithms are an important component of data mining technology which has been applied widely in many applications including those that operate on Internet. Recently a new line of research namely Web Intelligence emerged that demands for advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms for supporting knowledge discovery mainly in the Web(More)
Buckwheat is an important crop in China and is also known as an important potent allergen in the population. Here, we report a series of 7 Chinese patients with buckwheat allergy, which has never been reported previously in China. Mean age was 20 years at diagnosis. Patients' symptoms were respiratory, gastrointestinal, cutaneous, and anaphylactic. The(More)
Collaborative inter-organizational system (C-IOS) is defined as information technology-based systems that engage multiple business partners for achieving some common value-added goals. In the past, many papers from the literature addressed a large number of techniques on collaborative agents. The techniques range from basic information exchange to(More)
This paper studied the cutting properties of Ti-6Al-4V under cryogenic cooling to find a solution of improvement in tool load-carrying, thermal stress, tool life and finish quality. Firstly, this paper established a 3-D cutting model of Ti-6Al-4V under cryogenic cooling with liquid nitrogen, and then set the parameters of material, friction model and(More)
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