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In this paper, by considering an example of coupled Lorenz chaotic systems, we demonstrate how stable projective synchronization (Pj-Syn) phenomenon depends on the linearly and mutually coupling strength among response nodes in typical dynamical networks. Some sufficient criteria for judging the occurrence of stable Pj-Syn are given based on Lyapunov(More)
A method to optimize instructions in embedded real-time Java processors is proposed. It can reduce the CPI (cycles per instruction) and simplify the implementation of complex instructions, as well as make the WCET (worst case execution time) of the optimized instructions more predictable. Because this method optimizes instruction itself it can be used(More)
Rough set axiomatization is one aspect of rough set study, and the purpose is to characterize rough set theory using independable and minimal axiom groups. Thus, rough set theory can be studied by logic and axiom system methods. The classical rough set theory is based on equivalent relation, but rough set theory based on generalized relation has been widely(More)
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