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Ride-through Control Strategy of AC Excited Wind-power Generator for Grid Short-circuit Fault
A new excitation control strategy is proposed for the rotor side converter in an AC excited wind-power generator to allow the system to ride through the grid short-circuit fault. The transientExpand
Blood pump driven system based on extracorporeal magnetic filed couple
The extracorporeal magnetic filed driving system was proposed for axial flow blood pump based on coupling principle of transverse alternating flux.The driving principle of blood wasExpand
Stable Control Strategy on DC-link Voltage in a Dual PWM Control AC Excitation Power Supply
The dual PWM control AC-DC-AC voltage source converter is suitable to be used as excitation power supply for AC excited generators(ACEG).However,The DC-link voltage of the converter will fluctuateExpand
Research of blood pump driven system based on magnetic energy transmission
Energy is necessary power for a blood pump normal in operation.The energy transmitted way will directly affect on its clinical application.Magnetic energy transmission for blood pump driven couldExpand
Optimization design for cam lifting curve used to drive spool of distributor in hydraulic press
In order to conveniently control the speed of hydraulic press whose distributor spools are driven by cam mechanism,a linear relationship between the open gap of spool and cam rotary angle was putExpand
Research and Application of Roll Gap On-Line Calibration Method for Withdrawal Machines
Based on the calculation results of bloom thermal shrinkage,and combed with the roll gap deviation of withdraw machines measured by bloom thickness scale,the one gap on-line calibration method forExpand
Calculation of rolling-force distribution of thin gauge roll-casting
As regarding the non-linearity of thin roll-casting materials, geometry and friction. The mechanics beheavior was taken as thermo-elastoplastic contact problem between the roller and slab. By usingExpand
A Reliability-Based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Method with Evidence Theory and Probability Theory
A novel RBMDO procedure based on combined probability theory and evidence theory (ET) to deal with hybrid-uncertainties and improve the computational efficiency. Expand
Application of M-EMS on Billet Caster for Producing Medium and Low Carbon Steel
The paper introduces application of M-EMS on billet caster for producing medium and low carbon steel in Steel-melting Plant of Baotou Steel in detail.Practice confirms that M-EMS can refine grainExpand
Numerical simulation of elastic deformation of roller based on thermo-mechanical coupling
According to the rolled technology and characteristics of roller,the thermo-mechanical coupled mathematical model was established for roller elastic deformation. The law of roll casting forceExpand