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Epidemiology and clinical study of endemic fluorosis in a village that has improved water for 40 years
Objective To investigate the control effect of water improvement for endemic fluorosis over a long period of time,the health status of the residents in the disease area and the restoration to healthExpand
Indoor Air Assessment Model by the Analytical Hierarchy Process and Its Application
AbstrcatA new assessment model of indoor pollutants is proposed, that is IAAH (indoor air assessment model by the analytical hierarchy process). IAAH to assess indoor air quality of Changchun city isExpand
The Production of Spring Corn in Xingan League Inner Mongolia and Countermeasures
Based on investigation in roral area and practical experience of many years,the main problem in spring corn production process in xingan league was summarized and the countermeasures were putExpand
Enhancement of Primary Treatment in Municipal Sewage by Chemical Coagulaiton
This paper studies the enhancement of primary treatment in municipal sewage by chemical coagulation. Several kinds of coagulant are chosen in the experiment, including FeCl3,Al2(SO4)3,PAC, PFS andExpand
Study on model of large-tonnage bracing member of Tianjin Haihe Bengbu Bridge
Tianjin Haihe Bengbu Bridge is built in CBD of Tianjin city and crosses the Haihe River;it is dissymmetrical steel bridge of three dimensions Beam-Arch Combination System.The bridge is complex forExpand
The Superficial Consultations about the New Requests of the Public Theoretical Courses with the Characters of the Teachers in Colleges
At the times of economic globalization,political diversification and cultural varification,the students in colleges are the elites seeking for the fashions contemporarily.But due to the limitationsExpand
Research Status of Synergetic Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Ultrasonic Wave,Electric Field and Photocatalysis
The advanced oxidation technique is a kind of new technology to treat organic pollutants, which is mostly of free radical (reaction) and has well developed and applied environment. UltrasonicExpand
A Meteorological Forecast Model for Occurrence Area of the First Generation Larvae of Loxostege sticticalis Linnaeus
The relationship between occurrence area of the first generation larvae of Loxostege sticticalis Linnaeus and climate conditions was analyzed based on occurrence data of Loxostege sticticalisExpand
An Empirical Study of Rural Surplus Labor in Guiyang
Guiyang has a serious problem of rural surplus labor. The countermeasures include: 1. Develop rural culture and education. 2. Rationalize regional distribution. 3. Absorb surplus labor locally. 4.Expand