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—In this paper, novel composite right/left-handed (CRLH) leaky-wave antennas based on folded substrate-integrated-waveguide (FSIW) structures are proposed. The proposed leaky-wave antennas were realized by periodically loading the radiating slots on the top metallization of the FSIW-based CRLH transmission lines. The structural advantages of the FSIW(More)
An efficient and straight forward procedure for the syntheses of bicyclic isoxazole/isoxazoline derivatives from the corresponding dimethyl-2-(2-nitro-1-aryl/alkyl)-2-(prop-2-yn-1yl)malonates or dimethyl 2-allyl-2-(2-nitro-1-aryl/alkyl ethyl)malonate is described. High yields and simple operations are important features of this methodology.
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