Taner Bilgiç

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Two different but related measurement problems are considered within the fuzzy set theory. The first problem is the membership measurement and the second is property ranking. These two measurement problems are combined and two axiomatizations of fuzzy set theory are obtained. In the first one, the indifference is transitive but in the second one this(More)
We study dynamic reliability of systems where system components age with a constant failure rate and there is a budget constraint. We develop a methodology to effectively prepare a predictive maintenance plan of such a system using dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs). DBN representation allows monitoring the system reliability in a given planning horizon and(More)
We develop a decision-theoretic method that yields approximate, low cost troubleshooting plans by making more relevant observations and devoting more time to generate a plan. The method is tested against other methods on three different problems in an experimental setting. Sensitivity analysis of the parameters is also carried out. The method yields low(More)