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Two different but related measurement problems are considered within the fuzzy set theory. The first problem is the membership measurement and the second is property ranking. These two measurement problems are combined and two axiomatizations of fuzzy set theory are obtained. In the first one, the indifference is transitive but in the second one this(More)
Different languages that are offered to model vague preferences are reviewed and an interval-valued language is proposed to resolve a particular difficulty encountered with other languages. It is shown that interval-valued languages are well defined for De Morgan triples constructed by continuous triangular norms, conorms and a strong negation function. A(More)
The case-based retrieval is frequently reported as a valuable tool for engineering design. We discuss similarity based retrieval in the engineering design domain when the context is given as a set of constraints. This approach comprises the lowest level with which we support case-based retrieval from our Integrated Knowledge-Base. The characterization of(More)
The problem of localization of an aoutonomous mobile robot is considered. After proposing a simple geometric representation to account for the vagueness inherent in a sonar reading, interval-valued fuzzy set approaches are utilized within a search mechanism to find non-dominated positions and orientations. The search procedures are tested in two(More)