Tanemasa Asano

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This paper demonstrates the application of ultra-precision cutting to the fabrication of ridged LiNbO₃ waveguides for use in low-loss photonic integrated circuits. Ridged waveguides with sidewall verticality of 88° and ultra-smooth sidewalls were obtained in LiNbO₃ crystals using this technique. In addition, the possibility of fabricating bent ridged(More)
The effect of the nanosecond laser annealing on the photoluminescence (PL) property of phosphorus ions (P(+)) implanted ZnOnanorods (NRs) has been investigated. The nanosecond laser annealing was performed with the third harmonic of a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser (355nm, 10ns/pulse) at a fluence of 100mJ/cm(2). It turned out that nanosecond laser annealing is(More)
We describe the design, synthesis, and characterization of a supramolecular hybrid of gold nanometals and semiconducting single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) wrapped by a porphyrin-fluorene copolymer (1), as well as fabrication of a thin-film transistor (TFT) device using the hybrid. Photoluminescence mapping revealed that the copolymer selectively(More)
We discuss bonding mechanism of ultrasonic bonding of cone-shaped bump. Room-temperature microjoining of Au-Au or Cu-Cu bumps in the air ambient has been achieved by using the cone-shaped bumps with ultrasonic assist. We have investigated two characteristics of ultrasonic bonding. We first investigate effect of the application of ultrasonic vibration on(More)
We experimentally investigated terahertz photomixing operation at room temperature in an InGaP/InGaAs/ GaAs two-dimensional plasmon-resonant photomixer incorporating grating-bicoupled dual-gate structure. Photoelectrons drifting into a high-density plasmon cavity grating from an adjacent low-density one extensively excite the plasmon resonance, resulting in(More)
We report on the demonstration of the effectiveness of nanosecond laser annealing on optical properties of phosphorus ion (P)-implanted ZnO nanorods (NRs). Vertically-alligned ZnO NRs have been synthesized by nanoparticle-assisted pulsed laser deposition (NAPLD) on c-plane sapphire substrates. The pre-laser annealing was performed with the third harmonic(More)
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