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Transport of mRNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm plays an important role in gene expression in eukaryotic cells. In wild-type Schizosaccharomyces pombe cells poly(A)+ RNA is uniformly distributed throughout the nucleoplasm and cytoplasm. However, we found that a severe heat shock blocks mRNA transport in S. pombe, resulting in the accumulation of bulk(More)
This review explores the mechanistic basis of breast carcinoma progression by focusing on the contribution of integrins. Integrins are essential for progression not only for their ability to mediate physical interactions with extracellular matrices but also for their ability to regulate signaling pathways that control actin dynamics and cell movement, as(More)
 New prp (pre-mRNA processing) mutants of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe were isolated from a bank of 700 mutants that were either temperature sensitive (ts-) or cold sensitive (cs-) for growth. The bank was screened by Northern blot analysis with probes complementary to S. pombe U6 small nuclear RNA (sn RNA), the gene for which has a(More)
Previous studies have characterized pp125FAK as a focal adhesion (FA)-associated non-receptor tyrosine kinase. However, there are few data available on the expression and localization of this kinase in tissues. In this study we show that in human tissues the highest expression of pp125FAK is found in some developing epithelia, where pp125FAK is associated(More)
We used immunohistochemistry to identify the localization of monoamine oxidase type B (MAOB) in the rat oxyntic mucosa. At light microscopic levels, MAOB-immunopositive cells were mostly located in the basal half of the oxyntic mucosa. By a double-labeling immunofluorescence method, it was shown that MAOB immunoreactivity was localized in almost all of(More)
In recent studies, the α2 chain of laminin (Ln) has been suggested to be the only laminin α chain expressed in mouse and human thymus. We have now used chain-specific monoclonal antibodies and indirect immunofluorescence microscopy to study the expression of laminin chains in samples of foetal and 6-year-old human thymus. The subepithelial basement membrane(More)
The distribution of different laminin polypeptides, type VII collagen and tenascin has been studied in adult and foetal colorectal mucosa by using the indirect immunofluorescence technique. Immunoreactivity for laminin α1 chain was located to basement membranes of epithelia, muscularis mucosae, and blood vessels, respectively in different segments of adult(More)
  • Taneli Tani
  • Nihon yakurigaku zasshi. Folia pharmacologica…
  • 1981
Using spiral strips of male rabbit thoracic aortae, we examined the effect of formaldehyde (HCHO) on vascular smooth muscle. HCHO (6.6 X 10(-4)M) did not inhibit the tonic contraction induced by 25 mM K+, while inhibition was apparent with a pretreatment of HCHO in the same dose. HCHO markedly inhibited Ca2+-induced contraction in the preparation(More)
BACKGROUND Field cancerization denotes subclinical abnormalities in a tissue chronically exposed to UV radiation. These abnormalities can be found surrounding the clinically visible actinic keratoses. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to test the feasibility of a hyperspectral imaging system in the detection of multiple clinical and subclinical AKs for(More)