Tandy R Freeman

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Published reports agree that there is a strong association between intercondylar notch stenosis and anterior cruciate ligament injuries. In a previously published retrospective study on bilateral anterior cruciate ligament injuries and associated intercondylar notch stenosis, we formulated the notch width index to measure and compare intercondylar notch(More)
Of three women and one man with metastatic carcinoma of the iris, the average age of the four was 50.2 years. Two of the tumors originated in the breast and two in the lungs. The average survival from time of diagnosis of the iris lesion was less than six months. Each patient presented with characteristic grayish-white translucent nodules on the iris or in(More)
Prostaglandin E (PGE) production is elevated in burn-injured individuals and has been implicated as a mechanism in thermal injury-induced immunosuppression. Profound depression of cell-mediated immune response (CMIR) is a characteristic effect of burn injury, and was evaluated using the popliteal lymph node assay for graft-versus-host and host-versus-graft(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce the Rodeo Catastrophic Injury Registry (RCIR) and quantify the nature and incidence of catastrophic injury and fatality in rodeo participants across North America. DESIGN Retrospective and prospective collection of catastrophic and fatal injury data in rodeo using an online registry (RCIR). SETTING Canada and the United States. (More)