Tanasorn Tunsaringkarn

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BACKGROUND Gasoline station workers are exposed to volatile organic compounds such as benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX). OBJECTIVE To determine the level of exposure to BTEX compounds among gasoline station workers and measure the roadside concentrations of these compounds in the inner and outer areas of Bangkok, Thailand. METHODS 49(More)
Cross-sectional study of quail eggs was conducted to evaluate the nutritional compositions of carbohydrate, fat, protein, calories, vitamin, minerals and sex hormones. The results showed that average of each whole quail egg weight was 10.67 g. Their contents of ash, carbohydrate, fat, protein and moisture were 1.06, 4.01, 9.89, 12.7 and 72.25 g 100g-1 ,(More)
Early warning of the potential of mutagens or carcinogens caused by benzene exposure that might occur in gasoline station workers can be achieved by examining 2 major biomarkers: sister chromatid exchange (SCE) and trans, trans-muconic acid (t,t-MA), a urinary metabolite of benzene. The main objective of this study was to assess benzene exposure and monitor(More)
J Jo ou ur rn na al l o of f E En nv vi ir ro on nm me en nt ta al l a an nd d O Oc cc cu up pa at ti io on na al l S Sc ci ie en nc ce e available at www.scopemed.org Abstract This study evaluated the correlation between red and white blood cell parameters and BTEX exposure among a cross-sectional survey involving 105 gasoline workers of 11 stations in(More)
Cholinesterase is one of many important enzymes needed for acetylcholine hydrolysis. This study aimed to evaluate the serum pseudo-cholinesterase (BuChE) level and its relation to biological parameters (hematological and biochemical parameters) and symptoms among occupational workers, gasoline station worker in Bangkok, Thailand. Our results revealed that(More)
Organophosphate pesticides (OPs) are widely used in agricultural sectors in Thailand. Previous studies have documented that children residing in agricultural areas have higher exposure to OPs than children living in other residential areas. The objective of this study was to quantify urinary biomarkers of OP exposure and determine the environmental(More)
BACKGROUND For its toxicity, benzene exposure is one of the main health concerns for high risk occupations like gasoline station workers. However, there is little knowledge about the effect of benzene metabolites on hematological parameters. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the correlation between the urinary level of trans, trans-muconic acid (t, t-MA), a benzene(More)
Air pollution caused by traffic transportation, fuel combustions and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) composition of gasoline, has progressed to be a serious health problem in Bangkok, Thailand, especially among occupational workers as gasoline station workers (Land transportation department, 2000; Muttamara and Leong, 2000). Exposure to gasoline vapors is(More)
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