Tanasorn Tunsaringkarn

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Cross-sectional study of quail eggs was conducted to evaluate the nutritional compositions of carbohydrate, fat, protein, calories, vitamin, minerals and sex hormones. The results showed that average of each whole quail egg weight was 10.67 g. Their contents of ash, carbohydrate, fat, protein and moisture were 1.06, 4.01, 9.89, 12.7 and 72.25 g 100g-1 ,(More)
J Jo ou ur rn na al l o of f E En nv vi ir ro on nm me en nt ta al l a an nd d O Oc cc cu up pa at ti io on na al l S Sc ci ie en nc ce e available at www.scopemed.org Abstract This study evaluated the correlation between red and white blood cell parameters and BTEX exposure among a cross-sectional survey involving 105 gasoline workers of 11 stations in(More)
Cholinesterase is one of many important enzymes needed for acetylcholine hydrolysis. This study aimed to evaluate the serum pseudo-cholinesterase (BuChE) level and its relation to biological parameters (hematological and biochemical parameters) and symptoms among occupational workers, gasoline station worker in Bangkok, Thailand. Our results revealed that(More)
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