Tanasai Sucontphunt

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Sculpting various 3D facial expressions from a static 3D face model is a process with intensive manual tuning efforts. In this paper, we present an interactive 3D facial expression posing system through 2D portrait manipulation, where a manipulated 2D portrait serves a metaphor for automatically inferring its corresponding 3D facial expression with fine(More)
In this paper we propose a sketch-based interface for drawing and generating a realistic 3D human face with texture. The free form sketch-based interface allows a user to intuitively draw a portrait as in traditional pencil sketching way. Then, the user’s drawing is automatically reshaped to an accurate natural human facial shape with the guidance of a(More)
Computer-generated facial avatars have been increasingly used in a variety of virtual reality applications. Emulating the real-world face sculpting process, we present an interactive system to intuitively craft personalized 3D facial avatars by using 3D portrait editing and image example-based painting techniques. Starting from a default 3D face portrait,(More)
3D reconstruction from point clouds is a fundamental problem in both computer vision and computer graphics. As urban modeling is an important reconstruction problem that has various significant applications, this thesis investigates the complex problem of reconstructing 3D urban models from aerial LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) point cloud. In the(More)
Facial emotions and expressive facial motions have become an intrinsic part of many graphics systems and human computer interaction applications. The dynamics and high dimensionality of facial motion data make its exploration and processing challenging. In this paper, we propose a novel visualization system for expressive facial motion data exploration.(More)
Modeling a 3D face toward a specific person is a tedious and painstaking task even for skilled artists. Crafting a 3D cartoon-style or a 3D fiction-creature face to reflect a specific person likeness is even more challenging. For example, creating an ogre that keeps the actor/actress likeness or constructing a 3D avatar that reflects the person identity is(More)
In recent years, interest point based feature such as SIFT and SURF are widely used for image matchings. While these features are robust to changes in scales, rotations, and local geometric deformations, they are usually less able to simultaneously handle viewpoint changes and large illumination changes. In this paper, we will cope with this challenging(More)