Tanaphol Thaipanich

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Low-complexity error concealment techniques for mobile applications are studied extensively in this paper. The boundary matching algorithm (BMA) is an attractive choice for mobile video concealment due to its low complexity. Here, we examine a variant of BMA called the outer boundary matching algorithm (OBMA). Although BMA and OBMA are similar in their(More)
Low-complexity error concealment techniques for missing macroblock (MB) recovery in mobile video delivery based on the boundary matching principle is extensively studied and evaluated in this work. We first examine the boundary matching algorithm (BMA) and the outer boundary matching algorithm (OBMA) due to their excellent trade-off in complexity and visual(More)
Two challenging situations for video frame rate up-conversion (FRUC) are first identified and analyzed; namely, when the input video has abrupt illumination change and/or a low frame rate. Then, a low-complexity processing technique and robust FRUC algorithm are proposed to address these two issues. The proposed algorithm utilizes a translational motion(More)
To address the multiplicity and copyright issues on file sharing social networks, we propose a fast video copy detection algorithm using the suffix array data structure in this work. The proposed algorithm consists of two steps. In the first step, we extract robust features which are discriminative yet insensitive to various attacks. Specifically, we(More)
A fast duplicate video detection system based on camera transitional behavior and the suffix array data structure is proposed in this work. The main idea is to match video clips according to their temporal structures, and frames corresponding to unique events are marked as anchor frames. To simplify the detection process, we use the camera transitional(More)
Introduction The papers that we use as a main reference for this topic are “Data hiding in image and video – Part I: fundamental issues and solutions” and a dissertation on “Multimedia data hiding”. The authors of the first paper are Bede Liu and Min Wu, who is also the author of the other one. In this part I of two-part paper, we introduce brief(More)
Image filtering is a essential part of image processing. There are various filter are available but gives better result only for particular noise. Median filter are one of them median filter give better result for 'salt and pepper' noise but when we use this filter in Gaussian noise not give better result. We are proposing a new median filter with(More)
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