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Background: Uner Tan syndrome, first described in 2005, consists of three main symptoms: habitual locomotion on all four extremities, impaired intelligence, and dysarthric or no speech. This extremely rare syndrome shows an autosomal recessive inheritance due to consanguineous marriages between parents. In general, there is a cerebellovermial hypoplasia(More)
A chromogenic Schiff base ligand 1,4-bis(4-dimethylaminobenzyl)-2,3-diaza-1,3-butadiene (BDABD), has been synthesized and characterized by CHN elemental analysis, FT-IR, H NMR and C NMR 1 13 spectroscopy. Experimental parameters that effect the ligand-metal ion complexation such as solvent, color stability, metal and ligand concentrations were investigated.(More)
A couple with post-polio paraplegia was presented in the current work. The man and woman were quite normal in the psychomotor domain except that each had two paralyzed legs. The woman also had a strong palmomental reflex. MRI scans showed no abnormalities in the cerebro-cerebellar structures. The woman exhibited habitual saltatoric palmigrade locomotion,(More)
2 Transgenic Silencing of Neurons in the Mammalian Brain by 3 Expression of the Allatostatin Receptor (AlstR) 4 Wehr, M. ; Hostick, U.; Kyweriga, M. ; Tan, A.; Weible, A.; Wu, H.; Wu, W.; 5 Callaway, E.M.; and Kentros, C.* 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 *To whom correspondence should be addressed. 14 15 1. Department of Psychology, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon(More)
— Application layer multicast (ALM) enables rapid deployment of multicast applications in the Internet. In ALM, application hosts organise themselves into an overlay topology on top of the underlying unicast network. Application data is multicast over the overlay network. In general, ALM protocols can be classified as either tree-first or mesh-first(More)
Although several hypotheses are currently being investigated the cause of Parkinson's disease (PD) is still unknown. The aim of this study was to determine red cell copper/zinc-superoxide dismutase (Cu/Zn-SOD) activity and copper and zinc concentrations both in plasma and in red cell in PD. In this preliminary assay, 30 patients with PD the mean age of 64(More)
Awideband CMOS variable gain low noise amplifier (VGLNA) based on a single-to-differential (S2D) stage and resistive attenuator is presented for TV tuner applications. Detailed analysis of input matching, noise figure (NF) and linearity for S2D is given. A highly linear passive resistive attenuator is proposed to provide 6 dB attenuation and input matching(More)
  • Vincent Yan Fu, Tan
  • 2009
Blind Audio Source Separation Vincent Y.F. Tan (SID) Signal Processing Laboratory, Cambridge University Engineering Department, Cambridge, CB2 1PZ, UK In this project, the problem of blind separation of underdetermined mixtures of audio sources is considered. The sources have to be sparsely represented on a given basis or dictionary. They are assumed to(More)