Tan-gao Hu

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Hard and soft classification techniques are the conventional methods of image classification for satellite data, but they have their own advantages and drawbacks. In order to obtain accurate classification results, we took advantages of both traditional hard classification methods (HCM) and soft classification models (SCM), and developed a new method called(More)
Crop yield estimation division is the basis of crop yield estimation; it provides an important scientific basis for estimation research and practice. In the paper, MODIS EVI time-series data during winter wheat growth period is selected as the division data; JiangSu province is study area; A division method combined of advanced spectral angle mapping(SVM)(More)
This paper presents a new soft and hard classification. By analyzing the target objects in the image distribution, and calculating the adaptive threshold automatically, the image is divided into three regions: pure regions, non-target objects regions and mixed regions. For pure regions and non-target objects regions, hard classification method (support(More)
A new method of farmland parcel extraction from high resolution remote sensing image based on wavelet and watershed segmentation was proposed in the present paper. First, classification results were used to enhance the contrast of gray-scale value of typical pixels in the original image using the high resolution remote sensing image's spectral information.(More)
Several attributes of MODIS (moderate resolution imaging spectrometer) data, especially the short temporal intervals and the global coverage, provide an extremely efficient way to map cropland and monitor its seasonal change. However, the reliability of their measurement results is challenged because of the limited spatial resolution. The parcel data has(More)
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