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Long-term potentiation (LTP), intensively studied in the hippocampus as a possible mnemonic device, has begun to be studied in the neocortex. In this study the effects of varying tetanic stimulus parameters on LTP of field potentials recorded from layer II/III induced by white matter stimulation in the in vitro rat visual cortical slice were examined. Low(More)
The ultrastructure of synapses three hours after formation of long-term potentiation (LTP) was examined in the local microslices of visual cortical brain slices of 18-20 d rats. Slices without potentiating stimulation which were similarly incubated served as controls. The following structural changes were examined using a graph analyzer: (1) synaptic cleft(More)
Synaptic depression in the hippocampus at early postnatal stage can be induced by test pulse stimulation (<1 Hz). However, the receptor mechanism for induction of this synaptic depression is unclear. In the present study, we used whole-cell patch clamp recording in vitro to investigate how excitatory and inhibitory synapses onto layer II/III pyramidal(More)
In business process management, it has become necessary to semantically annotate business processes with ontology for better service provisioning, integration and composition. The OASIS has introduced Universal Business Languages (UBL) as a common format for standardizing common business documents as well as business processes. We propose a method for(More)
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