Tan Yee Fan

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N-nitrosodiethanolamine has been found to be present at a concentration of 0.02 to 3 percent in several brands of synthetic cutting fluids. Its identity was confirmed by three independent techniques: (i) by measuring the retention times on two different high-performance liquid-chromatography columns, (ii) by dehydration to N-nitrosomorpholine, and (iii) by(More)
Nonlinear optics plays a key role in many applications not only as a means of frequency synthesis and control, but also as a source of twin photons and other nonclas-sical states of light. Advances in nonlinear materials, including engineered nonlinear interactions through the use of quasi-phase matching, have increased the flexibility and performance of(More)
• Implemented record matching component in ForeCite. • Testing and feedback of ForeCite system. • Participated in the Web People Search (WePS) task, in collaboration with researchers from the Penn State University. • Our system achieved third position out of sixteen teams. • Assisted lecturer with the setting and grading of homework assignments. • Covered(More)
Airborne N-nitrosomorpholine (0 to 27 micrograms per cubic meter) was found in two of four rubber industry factories. N-Nitrosodimethylamine was also found in two factories, but at lower levels. These findings may be relevant to the reported increased risk of certain types of cancer in rubber workers in some of the same areas where the N-nitrosomorpholine(More)
One of the big challenges in molecular biology is to understand the regulation of gene expression; which is the process in which a segment of DNA is being decoded to form a protein. From the DNA level to the protein level, we see that the protein coding genes, which occupy a small percentage of the genome, are being regulated in three levels. They are the(More)
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