Tan Yang

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—A tunable Gm-C filter is presented for bio-signal acquisition application. It incorporates linear tunable trans-conductors utilizing MOSFETs biased in the triode region. Both the filter architecture and transconductor circuit design are optimized for good tuning, linearity and noise performance with low power consumption. The filter was fabricated in a 0.6(More)
An ultra-low-power tunable bump circuit is presented. It incorporates a novel wide-input-range tunable pseudo-differential transconductor linearised using the drain resistances of saturated transistors. Measurement results show that the transconductor has a 5 V differential input range with <20% of linearity error. The bump circuit demonstrates tunability(More)
  • Jie Zhu, Hong Wang, Shuo Yang, Liqiao Guo, Zhen Li, Wei Wang +6 others
  • 2013
Benzene is an occupational toxicant and an environmental pollutant that potentially causes hematotoxicity and leukemia in exposed populations. Epidemiological studies suggest an association between an increased incidence of childhood leukemia and benzene exposure during the early stages of pregnancy. However, experimental evidence supporting the association(More)
Bmi1 gene overexpression is found in various human tumors and has been shown as a potential target for gene treatment. However, siRNA-based treatments targeting Bmi1 gene have been restricted to limited delivery, low bioavailability and hence relatively reduced efficacy. To overcome these barriers, we developed a folate receptor targeted co-delivery system(More)
This study was conducted to investigate how the activity and expression of certain paramount antioxidant enzymes respond to grape seed extract (GSE) addition in primary muscle cells of goats. Gluteal primary muscle cells (PMCs) isolated from a 3-week old goat were cultivated as an unstressed cell model, or they were exposed to 100 µM H2O2 to establish a(More)
Instability of targeting ligand is a roadblock towards successful development of folate targeted liposomes. Folate ligands have been linked to polyethylene glycol (PEG) and cholesterol by an amide bond to form folate-CONH-PEG-CONH-Cholesterol (F-CONH-PEG-CONH-Chol), which is subject to hydrolysis. To increase the stability of folate ligands and promote the(More)
—This paper presents a current-reuse complementary-input (CRCI) telescopic-cascode chopper stabilized amplifier with low-noise low-power operation. The current-reuse complementary-input strategy doubles the amplifier's effective transconductance by full current-reuse between complementary inputs, which significantly improves the noise-power efficiency. A(More)
—This paper presents a high input impedance instrumentation amplifier with low-noise low-power operation. JFET input-pair is employed instead of CMOS to significantly reduce the flicker noise. This amplifier features high input impedance (15.3 GΩ||1.39 pF) by using current feedback technique and JFET input. This amplifier has a mid-band gain of 39.9 dB, and(More)
PURPOSE Imatinib inhibits platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR), and evidence shows that PDGFR participates in the development and progression of cervical cancer. Although imatinib has exhibited preclinical activity against cervical cancer, only minimal clinical therapeutic efficacy was observed. This poor therapeutic efficacy may be due to(More)