Tan Wanchun

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This study investigated the release rule of total nitrogen from sediments by Tubifex tubifex bioturbation indifferent environmental conditions. Tubifex tubifex density¡¢temperature¡¢pH value and dissolved oxygen were selected as influencing factors. The results showed that bioturbation of Tubifex tubifex had a good accelerating(More)
O3-biological zeolite processes was used to treat micro-polluted raw water, The results show that zeolite modified by NaCl is efficiency on ammonia-nitrogen removal, at pH 6~9 and 150min stirring time, the ammonia-nitrogen removal rate is 71.2%;During the culture of biofilm, ammonia-nitrogen removal rate of water treated by biological zeolite(More)
the ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus adsorption on natural zeolite were studied. Experimental data shows, the Freundlich and Langmuir models agrees very well with experimental data on ammonium and phosphorus, respectively, Zeolite adsorption of ammonia nitrogen and phosphorus removal process should follow the secondary dynamic equation, In certain(More)
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