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Mobile commerce is undoubtedly become an omnipresent and active area in electronic payments. It allows mobile user to purchase things, pay bills or make a bet via mobile phone when on the move, anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately, several challenges in accountability and privacy properties have emerged with the widespread of m-commerce in recent years.(More)
Bank is one of the example of institute that using Information Technology (IT) in its daily task to fulfill the organization's and customers' need. Business transaction, money transfer, ATM, credit card, and loan are some tasks that were done every day. Customers' personal information stored by the bank is also considered as private and should not be(More)
One of the challenges of Sequential Pattern Mining is finding frequent sequential patterns in a huge click stream data (web logs) since the data has the issue of a very low support distribution. By applying a Frequent Pattern Discovery technique, a sequence is considered as frequent if it occurs more than the minimum support (min sup) threshold value. The(More)
Abstrak The importance of selecting relevant features for data modeling has been recognized already in machine learning. This paper discusses the application of an evolutionary-based feature selection method in order to generate input data for unsupervised learning in DARA (Dynamic Aggregation of Relational Attributes). The feature selection process which(More)
In learning relational data, DARA (Dynamic Aggregation of Relational Attributes) algorithm transforms a relational data model representation into a vector space model representation. This data transformation is required in order to summarize or cluster data stored in relational databases in which a target record stored in a target table has a one-to-many(More)
The prevalent use of computer applications and communication technologies has rising the numbers of network intrusion attempts. These malicious attempts including hacking, botnets and works are pushing organization networks to a risky atmosphere where the intruder tries to compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of resources. In order to(More)
—Web Usage Mining is a research area that manipulates users' click stream data in order to identify interesting traversal patterns of visitors accessing the website. As the clickstream data is expanding over the time; the process of discovering users' frequent sequential pattern becomes a challenge due to the very low support distribution among the(More)
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