Tan Siew Lan

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Gastrointestinal tract involvement with hepatocellular carcinoma was observed in 8 out of 396 patients (2%) during the course of the disease. Histological involvement was confirmed in 6 cases. All 8 patients were men. The most common clinical presentation was frank gastrointestinal bleeding, which became evident in all cases. Esophageal varices were not(More)
It is well known that adoptive transfer of donor-derived tolerogenic dendritic cells (DC) helps to reduce acute allograft rejection. However, this method cannot effectively prevent grafts from infiltration of inflammatory cells and fibrosis, and thus has minimal effect on chronic allograft rejection. In this study, we used mitomycin C (MMC) to generate(More)
The following is a report of the recent Dengue Fever epidemic in Southern Taiwan. From Sept, 1988 to Nov, 1988, 76 patients were clinically diagnosed with fever, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia and other classical signs and symptoms of Dengue Fever. Among them 26 cases were proven by serology. Analysis and discussion were emphasized on the gastroduodenoscopic(More)
The Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) has established itself as the standard language for programming artificial intelligence (AI) for virtual real-time 3D characters. Studies on the use of AIML for AI development on virtual real-time 3D characters have been largely limited. With an emphasis on linking the character and human's conversation(More)
Interest in using classroom experiments to teach macroeconomics is increasing. In this paper, a classroom experiment is developed to simulate the impact of consumer spending decisions on aggregate output in a two sector economy. This method can also be applied to teach other theories in macroeconomics. The practice has proved that the classroom experiment(More)
Microeconomics has become a basic core curriculum for students in economics, finance and management major. But in practice, there are many difficulties in teaching and studying. Microeconomics is often considered to be too complex and too theoretical. We try to use the audio-visual approach to improve the microeconomics teaching effect. The results show(More)
Financial crises forewarning has important practical significance both for the investors and for the lenders. This paper uses the financial forewarning models, including the Logistic Regressive model and SVM model, to verify the feasibility of the short-term forecast for the financial situation of enterprises. And the paper also gives comparisons between(More)