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As the world population ages rapidly, it is likely that more elderly risks being detached from society. The possible isolation of many more elderly could lead to societal and mental health problems that could weigh down on public healthcare systems. Using surveys, focus groups, interviews and video analysis, our pilot study examines the effects of the(More)
With the world population ageing, studies had shown that gameplay influence to older adults' lives. However, there were few user studies to investigate older adults' experiences and preferences with different types of game controllers. The goal of our experimental study was to compare older adults' evaluation of three popular game controllers: (i) Button(More)
OBJECTIVE Exergaming is one way to foster social interaction among older adults and to improve their psychosocial well-being, which is a crucial component of healthy aging. This study examined how exergaming affects older adults' social anxiousness, sociability, and loneliness, and it further analyzed differences in the exergaming effects across different(More)
The development of numerous information sharing platforms have led to the emergence of multimedia user-generated content. With the prevalence of networking mobile devices and Global Positioning System (GPS) functionality, these contents could also be tagged with their location (geo-tagged) and visualised on a map through a geospatial information system.(More)
We investigate the usability of MobiTOP (Mobile Tagging of Objects and People), a mobile location-based annotation system. MobiTOP allows users to annotate real world locations with both multimedia and textual content and concurrently, share the annotations among its users. Equipped with a new interface as well as additional functionality such as clustering(More)
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