Tan Li Chou

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Three reading-time experiments in Chinese are reported that test contrasting views of how pronominal coreference is achieved. On the one hand, studies of reading time and eye tracking suggest that reduced expressions, such as the pronoun he, serve as critical links to integrate separate utterances into a coherent model of discourse. On the other hand,(More)
The present study used a lexical naming task as well as a regular naming task and a lexical decision task for locating the frequency effects in lexical decision and naming. The naming of Chinese characters in the lexical naming task (pseudocharacters also presented as in the lexical decision task) involves decision processes, while they are absent in the(More)
In this paper, we present accurate estimation of signal activity at the internal nodes of sequential logic circuits. The methodology is based on stochastic model of logic signals and takes spatial and temporal correlations of logic signals into con~iderai~ion. Given the State Tranzjition Graph (STG) of a Finite State Machine (FSM), we create an Extended(More)
Multilayered compounds typically present exotic functionalities, and some of them have been suggested as potential materials for thermoelectric conversion owing to their unique capability to decouple electronic and heat transport. Here we report new [CoO2] and [Cu2Se2] layered A2CoO2Cu2Se2 compounds in which Sr at the intervening alkaline-earth A site is(More)
This paper presents accurate estimation of signa,l a,ctivity a.t t,lie iiit,eriia.l nodes of combinational logic circuits. The methodology is based on st,oclia.stic nloilel of logic signah and takes correla.tions a.nd sinlultaaieous switc-.liing of sigiials 21.t logic gil.tre inputs into consicleration. In combina.tiona1 logic synthesis, in order to(More)
Variations in the electronic structure and structural distortion in multiferroic DyMnO(3) were probed by synchrotron x-ray diffraction, lifetime-broadening-suppressed x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), and ab initio electronic structure calculations. The refined x-ray diffraction data enabled an observation of a diminished local Jahn-Teller distortion of(More)
While estimating glitches or spurious transitions is challenge due to signal correlations, the random behavior of logic gate delays makes the estimation problem even more clifficult. In this paper, we present statistical estimation of signal activity at the internal and output nodes of combini3tional and sequential CMOS logic circuits considering(More)
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