Tan Keng Hong

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The populations of native male adult oriental fruit flyDacus dorsalis (Hendel) and artocarpus fruit flyD. umbrosus (F.) in two selected site (BU and SD) were estimated weekly by the capture-recapture technique using live traps baited with methyl eugenol. In BU where many varieties of fruit trees were grown, the estimated population densities ofD. dorsalis(More)
Hydrogen ion selective solid contact electrodes based on N,N'-dialkylbenzylethylenediamine (alkyl=butyl, hexyl, octy, decyl) are prepared. Solid contact electrodes and coated wire electrodes have been fabricated from polymer cocktail solutions based on N,N'-dialkylbenzylethylenediamine (alkyl=butyl, hexyl, octy, decyl). We showed that the response range and(More)
This paper describes the design of a wrist rotation rehabilitation robot based on force measurements for severe stroke patients lying in bed wards or at home which allows them to receive wrist rehabilitation exercise. The manufactured six-axis force/torque sensor which can detect three directional force Fx, Fy, Fz and three directional torque Tx, Ty, Tz,(More)
A hydrogen ion-selective solid-contact electrode based on N,N,N',N'-tetrabenzylethanediamine has shown the best Nernstian slope and selectivity and the widest response range in a Tris buffered pH sample solution. Its linear dynamic range was pH 3.50-11.94, and the Nernstian slope showed 52.1 mV/pH (at 20 +/- 0.2 degrees C). When it was directly applied to(More)
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