Tan Huai-liang

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For the real-time transmission of stream media, a novel synchronization control strategy is proposed in this paper. The strategy includes the layer-based flow control algorithm and the delay jitter compensating algorithm. In order to avoid the network congestion and ensure that the data transmission is not less than the frame bit-rate, the former adjusts(More)
With the development of the embedded application demand, embedded real-time operating system (RTOS) for its outstanding performance in real-time, stability, reliability, and are widely used in the field of high-tech, such as communications, military measurement and control, medical equipment, etc. At the same time, the requirements are also increasing in(More)
This paper presents an I/O acceleration technology for network computing: iSCSI transparent reliable multicast (iTRM) protocol. The iTRM protocol introduces double I/O paths for iSCSI network computing system: the multicast parth transmitting shared data and the iSCSI parth transmitting iSCSI PDU. The iTRM protocol extends the definition of iSCSI protocol(More)
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