Tan Dunming

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Recent decades have witnessed a dramatic increase in the popularity of virtual hand. And virtual hand interactions play an important role in the virtual reality like virtual assembly. In order to real-time control the virtual hand in the virtual environment. We firstly present the creation of virtual hand, including the polygonal modeling, the structuring(More)
The issue of virtual human animation is of great importance. And the virtual human animation plays a significant role in various areas. In this paper, we introduce a typical skeletal-based virtual human animation engine. We focus on the key techniques of skeleton-based animation, including the skin deformation using Spherical Blending Skinning (SBS)(More)
The total size of massive aircraft CAD models is usually up to several GBs, which exceed not only the storage capacity of memory, but also the rendering ability of graphics card. In this paper, we present compression and rendering methods by exploring the up-to-date GPU techniques. To fit into the memory, vertex data are compressed from float to byte type(More)
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