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Several epidemiological and experimental studies suggest that essential arterial hypertension is associated with hyperinsulinism and insulin resistance in obese subjects and also in subjects with normal body weight. Undernutrition remains frequent in adult Vietnamese people and mean body mass index is around 18.5 kg/m2 in Vietnam. The aim of this study was(More)
Review of the English literature revealed 21 cases describing abnormalities on barium enema secondary to amyloidosis of the colon. These cases were categorized as to frequency of specific barium enema findings and distribution within the colon. The most common radiologic findings were luminal narrowing (11 of 21), loss of haustrations (10 of 21), thickened(More)
We propose a new method to enhance performance of face recognition under varying lightings by applying score-level fusion between global and local Fourier-Mellin Transform (FMT) features based SVM. An optimal method based Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is used to find optimal weights to fuse the aforementioned information at score-level. The results on(More)
We describe a patient with a history of vulvar cancer, aplastic anemia and diabetes who was found to have a bladder wall lesion on a computerized tomography scan, which was compatible with malignancy. Pathological examination of the biopsy specimen revealed the lesion to be Candida. The differential diagnosis of filling defects in the bladder as seen on(More)
In this paper we propose an speaker verification approach by applying low-rank recovery approach under total variability space, which is trained by a modified Gaussian Mixture Modeling (MGMM) with the observation confidence. In this model, we construct UBM mean supervector by MGMM in order to train total variability matrix and obtain i-vectors. Besides, the(More)
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