Tan Dat Nguyen

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This paper presents work towards recognizing facial expressions that are used in sign language recognition. Facial features are tracked to effectively capture temporal visual cues on the signer's face during signing. A Bayesian framework is proposed as a feedback mechanism to the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) tracker for reliably tracking facial features in the(More)
In American Sign Language (ASL) the structure of signed sentences is conveyed by grammatical markers which are represented by facial feature movements and head motions. Without recovering grammatical markers, a sign language recognition system cannot fully reconstruct a signed sentence. However, this problem has been largely neglected in the literature. In(More)
Deaf people use facial expressions as a non-manual channel for conveying grammatical information in sign language. Tracking facial features using the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi (KLT) algorithm is a simple and effective method toward recognizing these facial expressions, which are performed simultaneously with head motions and hand signs. To make the tracker robust(More)
BACKGROUND Monocentric cohorts suggested that radiation-induced CD8 T-lymphocyte apoptosis (RILA) can predict late toxicity after curative intent radiotherapy (RT). We assessed the role of RILA as a predictor of breast fibrosis (bf +) after adjuvant breast RT in a prospective multicenter trial. METHODS A total of 502 breast-cancer patients (pts) treated(More)
The role of radiotherapy for local control of marginally resected, unresectable, and recurrent giant cell tumors of bone (GCToB) has not been well defined. The number of patients affected by this rare disease is low. We present a series of 58 patients with biopsy proven GCToB who were treated with radiation therapy. A retrospective review of the role of(More)
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