Tan Chong Eng

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To date, there are increasing buildings with complex design, multi-storey and with large-scaled area. The complicated building layout could lead to certain level of difficulties for the blind or the visually impaired people in path identification in an unfamiliar surrounding such as in a new shopping complex. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology(More)
Ambient noise is present everywhere in varying degrees of frequencies and amplitudes. This paper tries to analyse the ambient noises in various environments ranging from quiet room to busy public places to remote jungle type locations in order to study the impact of noise while using sound as a low frequency wireless carrier for digital data. We try to find(More)
Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) amplify and forward based protocols have been investigated previously by various researchers. However, the gap is still there to investigate the performance of these protocols using inter-relay communication in order to improve the diversity order at destination over Rician fading channel. Therefore, the aim of this(More)
The urban and rural areas present a vast digital divide, as the urban front progresses towards faster and cheaper internet, the rural front is struggling even to make a connection. The reasons for this is more than technological, but this paper looks into one of the technical challenges identified in terms of wireless signal propagation and presents an(More)
In recent years, due to its cost-effectiveness and ease of deployment, high latency network such as VSAT satellite network has been widely used to interconnect with people especially those in the rural areas. Since the VSAT satellite channels are widely used for real-time interactive multimedia applications that require relatively high bandwidth, this have(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the performance enhancement of dual relay cooperative wireless network by using Amplify and Forward (AF) relaying protocol in Rician fading channel with different Kfactors. The bit error rate (BER) and BER gain by using AF scenario in Rician fading channel are derived. The results obtained from the proposed models(More)
The digital divide between urban and rural areas is now attracting active research. There are a host of reasons for this divide and this paper presents the work in progress about one proposed solution to a major technical problem causing this. It has been noted that the high frequency WiFi and similar signals are not well suited for the wilderness type of(More)
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